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  • The Formative Years - Part 2 (2014-2016)

    This story continues in the deep recess of Valley View Mall in La Crosse, WI which I am sure is on its deathbed. The mall was pretty stark and bland (as all shopping malls are). They had the typical shops: a Pacsun, zumiez, FootLocker etc. As I was strolling through window shopping, I was seeing brands like Obey, Primitive, Nike, RVCA etcetera they all pretty much had the same feel at the time, if that makes any sense?
  • The Formative Years - Part I (2012-2014)

    I am sure a lot of current homies have pondered the question, “why Collapsing Sun?” and “where did it start?” Well I am going to answer some of these questions and take you on a little bit of a stroll down memory lane - if you will.